Here Are the Right Ingredients for Your Success.

Start with a recipe for success. Then add a big measure of insight. Mix in hands-on experience. And top it all off with a huge portion of market savvy. At Benham, we propose the creative work that maximizes your brand, invigorates your marketing strategy, and enhances your budget.

We understand the unique pressures that beset executives and managers. Whether it's a rush job, last-minute changes, or some other emergency, we're there to solve problems before they actually become problematic. Every piece of carefully crafted creative work we do comes with professionalism, integrity, service, and results.

Strategic Marketing Starts With Strategic Insights.

We think you’ll like how we think. And then how we use that thinking to realize bigger and better results for you and your company. Count on Benham to:

  • Develop advertising objectives and marketing strategies that focus on getting results
  • Define target audiences using primary and secondary market research
  • Define your competitive landscape
  • Conduct surveys through focus groups
  • Determine key markets via distribution patterns and brand development
  • Implement strategic plans that define creative development

Our Account Services Are Totally Accountable to You.

What you can expect when you're expecting results.

  • In-depth experience and proven credentials
  • Strategic thinking and marketing savvy
  • Professional work ethics and absolute integrity
  • Complete attention to detail
  • Commitment to your satisfaction
  • Adaptability to work closely with your marketing department
  • Service the client that fulfills their marketing objectives on any programs or projects
  • Allocate budgets

Creative Services

Our creativity creates more sales and doesn't waste money and time.

  • Creation of effective, efficient, and memorable marketing communications
  • Development of concepts that meet your advertising objectives and marketing strategies
  • Execution of concepts in print, outdoor, radio, television, collateral, direct response, and theater
  • Leveraging interactive internet media to enhance exposure and reach via online opportunities
  • Advertising, social media videos and content management to maximize online engagement
  • Tailored messaging for trade shows, corporate identity, websites, events, newsletters, etc.

Media Services

Believing that the media is the message sends out the wrong message.

  • Development of integrated media plans, including objectives, strategies, rationale, and final implementation to support the advertising plan
  • Media placement via rate negotiations, space reservation, contracts, and timely payments to media vendors
  • Constant evaluation of media plans and adjustment when needed
  • Regular and authenticated measurement of results

Web Services

Keeping advertisers from getting hopelessly and expensively trapped in the web.

  • Creation of a scalable dynamic website that meets your organization's goals
  • Extensive user experience and usability-driven Web Design
  • Full content creation (copywriting, photography, social media, etc.,)
  • Translation of new or existing site to a mobile-friendly experience for your users
  • Optimization of your site for accessibility, performance, and search engine programs


We've done our research on how to provide better research.

  • Complete data analysis and reporting
  • Marketing and case studies
  • Online research and investigation
  • Planning and conducting focus groups
  • Development of questionnaires for surveys
  • Work with clients to motivate customers to respond to surveys
  • Determine incentives that can increase response rates to surveys


All together now.

  • We have developed strategic alliances with highly reputable companies in their industries
  • Together, we are a fully integrated team of partnering agencies with a diverse mix of experience
  • Expertise includes marketing/business development, public relations, public affairs, issues management