We know what it takes to make advertising successful. And chances are, we know your industry very well, too. Our team brings years of experience with a variety of products and services, in communication styles from traditional to digital. At the same time, we have particularly deep knowledge and proven track records in some of the fastest-growing fields today. Healthcare is one of our greatest specialties. Credit unions invest in our talent. Civic clients feel at home with our solutions. And businesses in the supplement industry have turned to Benham Advertising to stay healthy. Our approach is both comprehensive and focused. Our goal is to create effective advertising by producing creative that is based on solid research, marketing and media planning.

Under the leadership of Melinda Robbins, our full-service advertising agency has been part of the success stories of numerous clients. We truly partner with our clients through mutual communication, cooperation and trust based on a thorough knowledge of our clients’ current market, products/services, competition, and future trends.